How to keep things up to date in Our Living Sites?! Before updating! BACKUP!


Backup mysql databases

sudo mysql -u root

mysql> show databases;

sudo mysqldump (name-database) -u root -p (password) > database.sql

Copy databases locally

rsync -ah --progress -R (url):/home/(folder)

Copy web folder /var/www

rsync -ah --progress -R (url):/var/www

Export Wordpress by the webinterface


Updating the networked sites of Wordpress could be done by the graphical user interface (sftp) or via the commandline. (the virtual machine) access? Activating ssh by sftp (ssl) means granting 'user' access to root folder to change directories.

Sftp: https://devtidbits.com/2011/06/29/implement-a-sftp-service-for-ubuntudebian-with-a-chrooted-isolated-file-directory/