Second edition in this section

Join us for the organisation of the next THF! 2015 in Puebla (Mexico)

To wrap up, THF! is about:

  • Enhancing our personal and collective lives, as it allows us to push the boundaries to further (re)think certain (basic) assumptions.
  • Opening up possibilities to experiment and understand life as a performance and a permanent process of performativity.
  • Collectively producing knowledge: without making a differentiation between theory and practice.
  • Embracing, protecting and advancing libre/free culture.
  • Creating communities where people meet, exchange, experiment and share knowledge.
  • Setting up boundaries by positioning one's self vis-a-vis other feminist discourses and narratives. It is a re-politicisation of feminism.
  • Anti-capitalism through alliances and solidarity thanks to Do-it-yourself (DYI)/Do-it-with-others (DIWO)/Do-it-together (DIT), self-management and autonomy practices.

You can view short videos of the first THF! Here [1] and there [2]. If you like this report and want to contribute to the development of the next THF! you can subscribe to our moderated mailing list at

Please introduce yourself briefly to the administrators in order to be subscribed to the list and let's move ahead with the organization of this self-managed and radical TransHackFeminist event.

Next THF will take place in Puebla (Mexico) from the 25 to the 31 of May 2015. See you soon!

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