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Who was Anarcha?

Why a feminist server?

Feminist servers have been a topic of discussion, a partially-achieved aim and a set of slow-political practices among an informal group of transfeminists interested in creating a more autonomous infrastructure to ensure that data, projects and memory of feminist groups are properly accessible, preserved and managed. The need for feminist servers is a response to: the unethical practices of multinational ICT companies acting as moral and hypocrite censors; gender based online violence in the form of trolling and hateful machoists harassing feminist or women activists online and offline; the centralization of the internet and its transformation into a consumption sanctuary and a space of surveillance, control and tracking of dissent voices by government agencies among others. All these factors have led to a situation where the internet is not a safe space and where it is common to see feminist and activist work being deleted, censored, and/or prevented from being seen, heard or read. Freedom of expression is part of the feminist struggle and TransFeminists can contribute by providing collectively the knowledge and means to ensure their right to speak up remains accessible online, offline and wherever and under any format expression emerges. There will be no feminist internet without properly managed autonomous feminist servers. This is about regaining control and gaining autonomy in the access and management of our data and collective memories. It is also about being able to have feminist mailing lists, pads, wikis, content management systems, social networks and any other online services managed by feminist tech collectives. It is also of course about continuing to argue that social justice in technologically driven environments needs a more gender and culturally diverse presence in general. To achieve those objectives, many sessions during the THF discussed questions such as: what are the purposes of a Feminist Server? What makes a server autonomous and feminist? Where are possible (socially sustainable) models for those servers? How do we create trust among us to develop cooperative approaches to the management of those spaces of resistance and transformation?

Two feminist servers projects were rebooted during the THF!: the Systerserver [1] project which was originally launched by Genderchangers and the Eclectic Tech Carnival (/etc) and which will focus on hosting online services; and this Anarchaserver which was launched by Calafou inhabitants and people involved in the organisation of the THF! and will focus on hosting data.

Anarchaserver currently hosts a mediawiki for the documentation of the THF! and a WordPress farm. Anarchaserver is an open project, even though moderated, and we are using the THF mailing lists and an IRC channel to coordinate the several tasks that need to be achieved.

Get involved

Join the [2] mailing list which is used also for the organisation of the next THF. Present yourself to the admins and then to the lis. The list is spanglish, which means that all messages should be sent including a translation to spanish or english.

Meet us on [3] the IRC chat on the channel #anarchaserver. We still have to figure out the regularity of our meetings but are leaning towards IRC chat sessions once a month and a distribution of tasks managed through the mailing list.

Policy: Aims, working methodologies, sustainability

Future is now: Milestones