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> Invite new sysadmin for AS: Suggestions: Gaba Martu Mara

It would be good to have an online meeting some of us with them, maybe start sharing email to get invited > check the tasks list > online meeting > joining AS mailing list > discussing whay we want to do + with whom and set up of meetings among ourselves

Areas of possible work

> For all MV:

- update versions used > especially critical situation farm WP in the VM living data > discuss if we want to continue with that? - find system to back up the contents hosted in VM living data + VM repository anarchaserver


> Cover anarchaserver: add a link to the collective memories repository? (https://anarchaserver.org/) add small introductory text


> VM living data:

- wiki > si que vendría bien un trabajo de reorganizar los contenidos * generar traducciones al castellano > puede ser un nuevo diseño CSS * creo que la wiki actual no permite embed de videos o audios y creo que es una pena > por ver de implementar

quien/who: spideralex, anamhoo ?

- WP farm > I think this system is outdated, I don't think that WP is maintaining that development > we have to talk about if we want to migrate to current version of WP or if we want to bet/testear other blogs, can it be more static, light and secure?

wordpress install on container > zoiahorn > check dns en absolute links of existing blogs

backup locally ? or on another server. - > manually or rsync ?

quien/who: spideralex, bolwerk, gaba?, ???

- if we try another system, it would also open that make a copy of the various contents that exist in blog zoiahorn, lucia film or in the blog I maintain speculative fiction to be able to move those contents to new system blogs

quien/who: spideralex (copy zoiahorn/specfic contents somewhere else)

> VM transitional data:

- reinstall yunohost, solve DNS assignment issue, reconfigure services, test them,

quien/who: b01,

- make them known to femservers community, THF but also the igt community (let's migrate the lists to maadix, we've already written more about it)

quien/who: spideralex, ?

- think a system of back up for transitional data, where and how long?

- system jirafeau and zerobin work but not the service of open sondage

> VM repository collective memories:

- I need help, people who want to upload images as well as go putting sources/info in the images that I already uploaded, invite anamhoo, flower, nymeria and march but do not know if you feel like it

quien/who: spideralex, ?

- keep working on the repo and make it public one of these days

> Others:

the terms of service for VM living data as well as of VM collective memories (already prepare some terms for VM transitional data) remain to be done: https://anarchaserver.org/mediawiki/index.php/How_to_use_yunohost#Guidelines_for_using_services

we still have to think about the privacy policy: https://anarchaserver.org/mediawiki/index.php/Project:Privacy_policy


activate femservers list (we already met with gaba to distribute some tasks and do it between January and February)

quien/who: spideralex, gaba