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This wiki has 2 main purposes:

1) Provide a space for documentation around our work setting up services in AS (see Anarchaserver section)

2) provide a space for documentation of TransHackfeminist convergences or feminists infrastructure events (see the TransHackFeminist Convergence section).


Anarchaserver is a feminist server which aim is to develop autonomous infrastructure on the Internet for feminists projects. You can find documentation about how to engage and get involved in the server in the Anarcha section.

TransHackFeminist Convergence

The server was setup during TransHackFeminist convergence, a 7 day event that was organised for the first time in Calafou (Catalonia) in August 2014 and has been replicated in 2015 in Puebla (Mexico) and 2016 in Montreal (Quebec).

First THF 2014 - Calafou