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If you are interested in the history of Anarchaserver and Feminists Servers visit this section.

If you are interested in Anarchaserver as a server hosting services and data stay here and read the following page.

AnarchaServer Hosting

A Virtual Machine for Living data

We talk about living data when data that needs to be available online. We range under living data the contents of our mediawiki and the WordPress farm.

Zoia Horn

This is our feminist multisite blogging platform based on Wordpress. At the moment we are beta-testing different blogs and use cases. Check it out:

We hope to be able in the future to provide wordpress to feminists collectives that require one for documenting and communicating about what they do.

A Virtual Machine for Transitional data

We have set up a second virtual machine for installing specific services such as online surveys (WIP), encrypted files sending (Jirafeau, polls (OpenSondange and encrypted pads (Zerobin We call those data transitional because we expect people to erase the data they have produced once they do not need it. Check it out:

A Virtual Machine for Dead data

We are discussing the possibility to set up a specific Virtual Machine for archiving dead feminist websites and projects under our Nekrofeminist cemetery. To do so, we might use Jekyll, a static site generator.

A Virtual Machine as a Repository for feminist images, sounds and videos

Container repository : Piwigo for images, sounds and video documentation

Get involved

Anarchaserver is an open project, even though moderated, and we are using different mailing lists and an IRC channel to coordinate the several tasks that need to be achieved. If you want to get involved, we made different Channels of communication.

Tell us how you want to contribute with and which specific Milestones listed below you would like to support!

Future is now: Milestones

Roadmap To do List 2019

Maintenance & Infrastructure


Installing/Testing hardware +distribution

    • Who is our machine
    • Create backup system
    • Upgrade debian
    • Server security
    • Tracktracker for follow up of activities in the server and creating tickets for bugs, requests etc
    • Install https certbot with let's encrypt initiative


How to set up a LXC container to host others web applications with Linux Containers (LXC)

    • Intermittent > In transition encrypted data transfer, survey's,..., Yunohost installation >> How to use yunohost
    • Nekrocemetery > zombie sites
    • Living data > blogging platform,
    • Repository > Repository Image, sound, video - a media repository: Piwigo