TransHackfeminist Cabaret

'If i can not dance, this is not my revolution' Emma Goldman

On the last day of the convergence a Cabaret was organized for celebrating the end of our collective convergence. The cabaret was very meaningful for the philosophy behind the THF. It was meaning for the following reasons.

Genderqueer were performing political songs; The Pornotrash performance embodied what post-porn is about: liberating the bodies from binaries and from accepted ideas of how certain bodies should look like. It helped to convey the importance of breaking the binaries: binaries between theory and practice, who is producing knowledge and who is consume it, between who can be naked and who can't, between men-bodied people being allowed to show their breast in public, but not women bodied, etc. It was also a clear statement that TFH is supporting post-porn subjects making its political stance very clear vis-à-vis certain feminist discourses. All the technical set up and management were prepared by the participants (setting up the sound system, the stage, etc.) reflecting a strong DYI ethos in addition demonstrating that feminist, women, genderqueer and trans can do it! This idea that life and hacking (gender hacking/bending) is about performances.


The Death Cats

Las Chicas de Chernobil 86


Transfuturistic Cyborgs Cabaret: - Darkbaider y mari pili (Nani) - Upstage Jam - Pornotrash


Boca de baba



Miss Sasa